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 by thapelo ragolane

Food was fantastic. Recommend the Madras. Service was a little slow as waited almost an hour whilst people who came in after us were being served their food before we were. But other than that I cannot fault the place

Babar Elephant store hours

Phone: +44 1524 388670


Head Office address: Morecambe Rd, Lancaster LA1 5JB, United Kingdom

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Babar Elephant Main Menu With Price


Onion Bhaji (V) Price :£4.25

Chicken Pakora (N) Price :£4.50

Meat Samosa Price :£4.25

Chicken Tikka Price :£4.50

Sheek Kebab Price :£4.25

Chicken Chat Price :£4.50

Hoppers Price :£4.50

Prawn & Puree Price :£4.50

Mushroom Lollipop Price :£4.25

Tandoori Chicken Price :£4.95

Paneer Tiki Price :£4.50

Garlic Special Price :£4.50

(Chicken & Mushroom cooked together in a special garlic sauce)

Mixed Kebab Price :£5.50


King Prawn Garlic Special Price :£7.95

King Prawn in Garlic and Special Spices

Elephant Bar-B-Q Price :£7.95

Marinated Chops, Chicken Tikka, Sheesh Kebab and Duck Tikka

Seafood Sizzler Price :£9.95

King Prawn, Tiger Prawns, White Fish, Green Peppers, Spring Onions with
a touch of Chilli, marinated then grilled

Lamb Chops Price :£6.95

Marinated in whole spices, then barbecued in Tandoori

Duck Rolls Price :£5.95

Pan fried strips of duck breast in rice pan cakes

Chilli Chicken (Highly Recommended) (N) Price :£5.95

Strips of Chicken stir fried in oriental spices

Elephant Platter For 2 persons (N) Price :£14.95

Duck Rolls, Onion Bhaji, Chicken Pakora, Shish Kebab and Prawn Puri



Chicken Tikka (N) Price :£10.95

Lamb Tikka (N) Price :£11.95

Duck Tikka (N) Price :£12.95

Jumbo King Prawn Tikka (N) Price :£14.95

Royal Tandoori Sizzlers

Exotic Shashlik Price :£13.95

Chicken Tikka Price :£9.95

Lamb Tikka Price :£9.95

Tandoori Chicken Price :£9.95

Duck Tikka Price :£11.95

Jumbo King Prawn Price :£14.95

Tandoori Mix Grill Price :£13.95

Popular Dishes

Balti Chicken Price :£8.95/Lamb Price :£9.95

Prepared in metal pot with a blend of several Spices and Green Peppers, which make this dish very special

Korai Chicken Price :£8.95/Lamb Price :£9.95

Dish cooked in sizzling metal pot, seasoned with Herbs and Spices

Jalfrezi Chicken Price :£8.95/Lamb Price :£9.95

Fresh Green Chillies and Coriander cooked with Herbs – very HOT!

Biriyani Chicken Price :£8.95/Lamb Price :£9.95

Served with Curry Sauce to your taste

Korma (N) Chicken Price :£8.95/Lamb Price :£9.95

For that milder taste…Coconut in Cream Sauce and Freshly Ground Spices

Bhuna Chicken Price :£8.95/Lamb Price :£9.95

A medium strength curry cooked with Onions, Herbs and aromatic Spices

Duppiazza Chicken Price :£8.95/Lamb Price :£9.95

A rich but mild flavoursome sauce combining Fresh Onions and Whole Spices

Rogan Josh Chicken Price :£8.95/Lamb Price :£9.95

A Tomato and Pimento based curry flavoured with Corriander, slightly hot

Dhansak Chicken Price :£8.95/Lamb Price :£9.95

A mild Lentil based dish blended with Pineapple and Lemon juice, sweet and sour

Samber Chicken Price :£8.95/Lamb Price :£9.95

‘Hot & Spicy’ a curry concoction cooked with Lentil and Garlic

Madras Chicken Price :£8.95/Lamb Price :£9.95

A ‘Hot’ favourite! a curry with Tomato Puree, Corriander and Ground Chillies for that exquisite flavour

Vindaloo Chicken Price :£8.95/Lamb Price :£9.95

Ground Chillies cooked with Herbs and a piece of Tomato to create a very hot but flavoured dish


Murgh Tanger Price :£10.95

Chargrilled Chicken cooked in a hot, sweet and sour sauce. Combined with
chunks of Onions and Green Peppers, lightly stir-fried in a special unique
Taramind and Mango Sauce. The original international award-winning

Chicken Price :£9.95 /Lamb Price :£10.95 /King Prawn Price :£15.95

Highly Recommended
Marinated with Ground Spices, Crushed Garlic, Onion, Green Peppers
and Fresh Chillies. The coated Meat Pieces are then cooked slowly into a
medium sauce, to release unique flavours. garnished with Fresh Corriander
and the finest Olive Oil. This unique creation is found in South of India

Granny’s Butter Chicken (N) Price :£10.95

Succulent Chicken off the bone, coated in a piquant Indian-style Yoghurt
and Ground Spice Marinade, makes a perfect main course. Barbecued in
traditional clay oven, cooked with Crushed Almonds, Dessicated Coconut,
Fresh Cream and simmered gently in buttered sauce

South Indian Murghi Balti Price :£10.95

Tandoori Chicken (off the bone) with Minced Lamb, medium Balti Spices

Balti Massalla (N) Price :£10.95

Chicken Tikka cooked in a metal pot with green peppers and spices in a
creamy sauce

Banjara Chicken Price :£10.95

Chicken or Lamb cooked with Fresh Ground Spices, Peppers and Red
Chillies, fairly hot

Exotic Garlic Massalla (N) Price :£10.95

Chicken tikka barbecued then cooked in a garlic massala sauce, served

Blussi Chicken Price :£9.95/Lamb Price :£10.95/King Prawn Price :£15.95

Highly Recommended
A sweet and hot sauce cooked in coriander, herbs and green chillies

Lamb Rara Price :£10.95

Lamb fried with spices, tomatoes and garnished with cheese

Shaslik Korai Chicken Price :£13.95

(Highly Recommended)
Marinated Chicken, green peppers, onions and tomato grilled together in
the Tandoori and then transferred to a pan to cook with Chef’s Special
Sauce, then garnished with fresh corriander, ginger – spring onions.

Bombay Makhni (N) Price :£12.95

Spiced Chicken Tikka with Mushrooms, flavoured with Brandy, served in a
wok (medium)

Benghal Haandi Special Price :£10.95

Chicken or Lamb marinated then cooked in Gravy with Babar Spices then
topped with Fried Onions (Medium/Hot)

Himalayan Ghost Chicken Price :£10.95/Duck Price :£13.95

(Highly recommended) Chicken or Duck cooked with garlic, ginger, mint, peppercorn and whole red chillies, finished with a Himalayan sauce


Goan Blussi Fish Price :£14.95

White Fish cooked in Fresh Mango Sauce with Green Chillies, Herbs and
Coriander – to give a nice sweet and hot taste

Fish Jhol Special (Highly Recommended) Price :£14.95

White fish is cooked with speciality spices, accompanied with a prawn bhaji

King Prawn Zaffroni Price :£14.95

Jumbo king prawns fried with spices, herbs, tomatoes and sauce

South Indian Garlic King Prawn Price :£14.95

Jumbo king prawns marinated in ground spices, crushed garlic, onion, green peppers and fresh chillies, slow cooked in a medium sauce to release unique flavours. Garnished with fresh corriander and the finest olive oil. This unique creation is found in South of Indian



Chana Bhaji Price :£4.95

Saag Bhaji Price :£4.95

Mushroom Bhaji Price :£4.95

Saag Paneer Price :£4.95

Bombay Potatoes Price :£4.95

Saag Aloo Price :£4.95

Bindi Bhaji Price :£4.95

Aloo & Mattar Paneer Price :£4.95

Mixed Vegetable Bhaji Price :£4.95


Chips Price :£2.50

Boiled Rice Price :£2.50

Plain Pilau Price :£2.95

Egg Pilau Price :£3.75

Kashmere Pilau Price :£3.75

Keema Pilau Price :£3.75

Mushroom Pilau Price :£3.75

Vegetable Pilau Price :£3.75


Garlic Naan Price :£3.50

Peshwari Naan (N) Price :£3.95

Cheese Naan Price :£3.95

Plain Naan Price :£2.95

Puri Bread Price :£1.30

Chapati Price :£1.30

Garlic & Corriander Paratha Price :£3.95

Papadum (Plain/Spiced) Price :£0.70


A For 2 Persons

Chicken Pakora, Duck Rolls, Shish Kebab Price :£39.95

Garlic Fish, Onion Bhaji Price :£39.95

Chicken Tikka Massalla, South Indian Garlic Lamb, Price :£39.95

Aloo Blussi, Prawn Samber Price :£39.95

Pilau Rice, Garlic Naan Price :£39.95

Coffee & Mints Price :£39.95

B For 4 Persons

Samosas, Onion Bhaji, Shish Kebab, Hoppers, Chicken  Pakora, Price :£79.95

Lamb Chops, Price :£79.95

South Indian Murgh Balti, Murgh Tanger, Price :£79.95

Lamb Korai, Price :£79.95

King Prawn Tikka Massalla, Bombay Potatoes Price :£79.95

Garlic Naan Bread and Pilau Rice Price :£79.95

Coffee & Mints Price :£79.95

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Babar Elephant Hours

Monday   5:30–11:30 pm
Tuesday   5:30–11:30 pm
Wednesday   5:30–11:30 pm
Thursday   5:30–11:30 pm
Friday   5:30–11:30 pm
Saturday   1–11:30 pm
Sunday   1–11:30 pm

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About Babar Elephant

With four restaurants located in Shevington near Wigan, the City of Lancaster, Fence near Burnley and the recent addition in Foulridge, Elephant Restaurants are the epitome of high quality, exquisite Indian cuisine with genuinely warm and welcoming service, all within beautiful comptemporary interiors.

In response to changing tastes, our modern Indian dishes are lighter, lower in fat and calories and make great use of vegetables, pulses and grains that have a central place in traditional authentic Indian food.

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Babar Elephant
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by thapelo ragolane

Food was fantastic. Recommend the Madras. Service was a little slow as waited almost an hour whilst people who came in after us were being served their food before we were. But other than that I cannot fault the place