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Empress of Blandings store hours

Phone: +44 23 8081 2321

Website: https://www.empressofblandings.co.uk/

Head Office address: Romsey Rd, Copythorne, Southampton SO40 2PF, UK

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Empress of Blandings Main Menu With Price


Baked Camembert (v) Price :£10.75

spiked with garlic & thyme, served with bread and celery & carrot sticks

Buffalo Wings (vg option available)

your choice of:

A tub of spicy chicken wings with blue cheese dip Price :£9.75
A tub of tempeh ‘wings’ with garlic vegan mayo (vg) Price :£8.75

House Sharing Plate Price :£10.95

please ask a team member for details

Veggie Plate (v) Price :£10.95

houmous & toasted pitta (vg) / crunchy slaw (vg) / warm falafel (vg) & tzatziki (v) / turmeric-roasted cauliflower & quinoa (vg)



Chicken, Duck & Red Onion Terrine Price :£7.75

with Melba toast and pickled blackberries

Prawn & Avocado Cocktail Price :£6.50

with diced peppers, celery & cucumber in a delicately spiced Marie Rose sauce and a crusty baton

Baked Mushrooms (vg) Price :£4.95

large baked flat mushrooms with puy-style lentils and a citrus, caper & sunblushed tomato dressing

Add: Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese (v) Price :£1.00

Crab Mayonnaise Price :£6.50

mixed brown & white crab meat with chives & mayonnaise served simply with malted sourdough bread

Today’s Soup (v) Price :£4.50

homemade and served with a warm crusty baton – ask a team member for today’s flavour (gluten-free rolls available)

Whitebait Price :£5.25

with tartare sauce



H&W Buddha Bowl (vg) Price :£9.75 S/A Price :£7.75

sage-roasted squash, crunchy slaw, turmeric-roasted cauliflower, courgette ribbons, red quinoa, spinach, roasted chickpeas, pickled red onions and pomegranate seeds

Add: Avocado (vg) Price :£1.50

Add: Chicken Breast, Falafel (vg) Price :£2.50

Chicken Caesar Salad Price :£12.25 S/A Price :£9.95

our take on the classic salad: with cos lettuce, crisp smoked streaky bacon, anchovies, focaccia croutons, shaved Parmesan and Caesar dressing

The Perfect Ploughman’s (v) Price :£8.50

(served Monday to Saturday until 5pm)
our impressive ploughman’s lunch: with extra-mature cheddar, Dorset Blue Woodbridge Chutney, crunchy vegetables, apple, boiled egg and rustic cobb roll


Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese (v) Price :£2.00,

Carved Ham Price :£2.00,

Hand-Raised Pork Pie Price :£2.75



Confit Duck Leg Price :£14.00

with creamy mash, red cabbage and Blandford Fly beer gravy

Pan-Fried 8oz Salmon Pavé Price :£13.50

on potato tartare hash with braised leeks, cabbage & peas

Preserved Lemon & Garlic Roasted Chicken Leg Price :£12.75

with dauphinoise potatoes, charred tenderstem broccoli and lemon dressing

Steak Frites Price :£13.25

8oz flat iron steak (recommended rare or medium rare) chargrilled to order, with skin-on fries, rocket and garlic butter or chilli butter

Upgrade to Triple-Cooked Chips Price :£1.00

Add Steak Sauces: Peppercorn (v) / Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese Dip (v) Price :£2.00

Vegan ‘Meatball’ Marinara (vg) Price :£12.25

ground almond, tempeh, oregano & vegan cheddar ‘meatballs’ with linguine and a spicy marinara sauce

Steak & Tangle Foot Pie Price :£12.75 S/A Price :£8.25

our signature pie: braised British steak in rich velvety gravy made with our Legendary Tangle Foot beer, with creamy mash, braised cabbage, leeks & bacon

Badger Beer Battered Fish & Chips Price :£11.95 S/A Price :£8.95

sustainably sourced, served with triple-cooked chips, tartare sauce and mushy or garden peas

Add: Bread & Butter 50p

Honey-Roasted Ham Price :£9.95 S/A Price :£7.95

with a brace of eggs, triple-cooked chips and piccalilli

H&W are proud to support local Air Ambulances as a charity partner, to whom we’ll be donating 25p from every Ham & Eggs sold



The H&W Burger Price :£11.75

two British beef patties stacked with melted Monterey Jack cheese, caramelised smoked streaky bacon and our burger sauce

Add : Grilled Flat Mushroom & Dorset Blue Vinny Price :£1.35

Chicken Caesar Burger Price :£10.95

chargrilled fillets stacked with crisp smoked streaky bacon, melted Monterey Jack cheese and Caesar mayo

Falafel Burger (v) Price :£10.95

double-stacked falafel patties seasoned with Mediterranean herbs & spices, topped with vegan burger sauce (ask us about our vegan option)

Upgrade to Price :£1.00

Triple-Cooked Chips

Add : Monterey Jack Cheese (v), Crisp Smoked Streaky Bacon, Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese (v), Onion Rings (v), Avocado (vg), Grilled Flat Mushroom (vg) Price :£1.35

Add : Beef Patty, Chicken Fillets, Falafel Burger (vg) Price :£2.35



Bread Board to Share (v) Price :£5.00

crusty baton (vg), flatbread (vg) and toasted malted sourdough (v), served warm, with olive oil & balsamic (gluten-free rolls available – please ask on ordering)

Triple-Cooked Chips & Malt Vinegar Mayo (v) Price :£3.50

Skin-On Fries (v) Price :£3.25

Sweet Potato Fries (v) Price :£3.75

Onion Rings (v) Price :£3.75

House Salad (vg) Price :£3.00

Braised Cabbage & Leeks Price :£3.00

with a choice of peas (v) or bacon

Garlic Flatbread (v) Price :£3.65

Add: Cheese 35p



Raspberry & Frangipane Tart (vg) Price :£5.65

raspberry jam & almond frangipane topped with raspberries, with an almond cream

Orchard Crumble (v) Price :£5.65

chunky apple in a salted toffee & beer sauce, oaty topping and a choice of cream, custard or salted toffee & beer sauce

Lemon Tart (v) Price :£5.65

gluten-free tart, whipped cream, lemon curd & meringue

Berries & White Chocolate Panna Cotta (v) Price :£5.65

set cream with white chocolate  

Chocolate Brownie (v) Price :£5.65

indulgent chocolate brownie with dark chocolate sauce and cream

A Little Bit of What You Fancy (v) Price :£2.50 / Price :£7.00

not enough room? Try one of our mini puds: White Chocolate & Raspberry Panna Cotta, Lemon Meringue Mess or Chilled Seasonal Fruit Crumble – if you can’t decide, have all three!

Three Scoops (v)/(vg) Price :£4.75

choose three flavours from below, all served with raspberry coulis and wafers (vegan sundae served without wafers)

Salcombe Dairy Ice Cream & Sorbet: Madagascan Vanilla, Honeycomb, Rich Belgian Chocolate, Velvet Toffee, Devonshire Cream, Rum & Raisin, Raspberry Ripple, Mango Sorbet (vg), Raspberry Sorbet (vg)

Food Heaven Dairy-Free Ice Cream: Juicy Raspberry (vg), Cool Vanilla (vg), Rich Chocolate (vg)



Tail Feather Espresso Martini Price :£7.00

Tail Feather use only the finest, natural ingredients. Their hand crafted coffee liqueur is made from sustainably grown coffee and organic vanilla from Madagascar and mixed with premium triple distilled grain vodka for a full bodied cocktail full of beans!

Ginestet Classic Sauternes 50cl Price :£19.95

a classic dessert wine; rich in honey and sweet floral tones with hints of citrus marmalade. The palate is rich and smooth with similar sweet floral and honeyed apricot flavours but with a faintly citrus note in the finish which makes it very moorish

Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage Port 37.5cl Price :£19.95

blended from wines of a single year, LBV ages from four to six years in cask. Its concentrated fruity flavour, cherry, red and blackcurrant through to liquorice and firm full-bodied style, make it ideal to accompany chocolate desserts and blue cheeses



28-Day Aged West Country Beef Price :£12.75

British Rare Breed Loin of Pork Price :£12.75

Parsnip & Nut Roast (v) Price :£11.75

served with garlic & rosemary roasted new potatoes and vegetarian gravy (vg – with provençale sauce, excludes Yorkshire pudding)

Sunday Extras Price :£3.50

Pigs in Blankets, Beef Dripping Roasted Potatoes, Garlic & Rosemary Roasted New Potatoes (vg), Cauliflower Cheese (v)

Seasonal Vegetables to Share (vg) Price :£3.50

Slice of Beef Price :£2.50,

Slice of Pork Price :£2.50



Crayfish Open Sandwich Price :£7.50

topped with crayfish, cherry tomatoes, spring onions & watercress, tossed in lime mayo

Bacon & Somerset Brie Price :£6.50

crisp smoked streaky bacon and melting Somerset brie with redcurrant jelly

Vegan ‘Meatball’ (vg) Price :£6.00

on shredded cos, with spicy marinara sauce and vegan cheese

Honey-Roasted Ham & Watercress Price :£5.75

thick-sliced honey-roasted ham, watercress, sliced tomato and grain mustard mayo

Cheese & Onion (v) Price :£5.50

extra-mature cheddar, crisp sliced apple, shredded cos, pickled red onion and tomato & onion chutney

Fish Finger Price :£7.25

breaded hake with sliced tomato and tartare sauce

Houmous & Veggies (vg) Price :£5.50

rocket, carrot, beetroot & shaved red onion


Skin-On Fries (v) Price :£1.75

Sweet Potato Fries (v) Price :£2.75

Today’s Soup (v) Price :£2.75

Triple-Cooked Chips (v) Price :£2.00



The Perfect Ploughman’s (v) Price :£8.50

(served Monday to Saturday until 5pm)
our impressive ploughman’s lunch: with extra-mature cheddar, Dorset Blue Woodbridge Chutney, crunchy vegetables, apple, boiled egg and rustic cobb roll


Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese (v) Price :£2.00,

Carved Ham Price :£2.00,

Hand-Raised Pork Pie Price :£2.75



Buffalo Wings (vg option available)

Oregano Fries with Tzatziki (v) Price :£4.25

large portion of fries tossed in oregano salt, topped with tzatziki

Beer Cheese Chips (v) Price :£4.50

large portion of triple-cooked chips with a Badger beer cream cheese dip

Triple-Cooked Chips & Malt Vinegar Mayo (v) Price :£3.50

Pork Pie Price :£2.75

hand-raised pork pie



Raspberry & Frangipane Tart (vg) Price :£5.65

raspberry jam & almond frangipane topped with raspberries, with an almond cream

Chocolate Brownie (v) Price :£5.65

indulgent chocolate brownie with dark chocolate sauce and cream

Orchard Crumble (v) Price :£5.65

chunky apple in a salted toffee & beer sauce, oaty topping and a choice of cream, custard or salted toffee & beer sauce




Child’s Mezze (V) Price :£7.00

Warmed pitta bread (VG), falafel (VG), houmous (VG), tzatziki (V), tomatoes (VG), carrot & cucumber sticks (VG)

Sausages & Mash Price :£7.00

Three chipolata sausages with mash and peas or beans

Jumbo Fish Finger Price :£7.00

With skin-on fries and peas or beans

Chicken Goujons Price :£7.00

Two hand-crumbed mini chicken fillets with skin-on fries and peas or beans



Child’s Mezze Platter (V) Price :£7.50

Warmed pitta bread (VG), falafel (VG), houmous (VG), tzatziki (V), tomatoes (VG), carrot & cucumber sticks (VG)

Sausage & Mash Price :£7.50

Five chipolata sausages with a large portion of mashed potato and peas or beans

Fish Goujons & Chunky Chips Price :£7.50

Served with triple-cooked chips and garden peas or beans

Chicken Goujons Price :£7.50

Three hand-crumbed mini chicken fillets with skin-on fries and peas or beans



Cheese & Bacon Burger Price :£7.50

with burger sauce

Chicken Burger Price :£7.50

with Caesar mayo

Falafel Burger (V) Price :£7.50

with vegan burger sauce


Empress of Blandings Drinks Menu


TANGLE FOOT Cask 4.7% ABV Bottle 5% ABV

The Godfather of all of our beers. A deceptively drinkable and multi award winning golden ale. Finest English Flagon barley, Goldings and Challenger hops deliver balanced flavours of crisp and subtle hop, with a delicate pear drop aroma.


Cask 4.1% ABV Bottle 4.4% ABV

A morishly malty, amber ale. Dark crystal malt delivers a full bodied biscuity taste, rounded off with a subtle floral and lemon hop aroma.


Cask 3.7% ABV

Inspired and developed with the hop growers and merchants Charles Faram, the Celeia, Bobek and Dana hops provide a refreshing flavour that is both thirst-quenching and characterful. The hops are added in the brew house and dry hopped in the fermentation vessel, to ensure this classic beer retains its character to the last drop.


Draught 5.0% ABV

This West Coast style IPA is brewed with Amarillo, Cascade and Mosaic hops. The beer has a flaring deep bronze colour and a citrus aroma of zesty grapefruit with a bitter hop character and a dry hoppy finish. A wonderfully refreshing and well-balanced beer.


Bottle 4.4% ABV

A refreshingly light, hoppy pale ale. A marriage of aromatic citrus American Amarillo and Cascade hops and the finest English Flagon barley.

Winner of the best golden ale in the UK at the World Beer Awards 2018.


Bottle 4.5% ABV

A light golden ale with floral hints of elderflower. Light and refreshing, providing a crisp taste of summer.


Bottle 5.2% ABV

A uniquely sweet and spicy golden ale with a refreshingly different ginger taste, which is offset with hints of sweet toffee.

Awarded UK silver in the flavoured herb and spice category at the World Beer Awards 2018.



FORUM – 4.2%

Forum is a refreshing Helles style lager from Hall & Woodhouse, with a delicate flavour from the Weihenstephan yeast and a subtle fruity lemon character from Hallertau Blanc and Huell Melon hops.

AMSTEL – 4.1%

Founded in 1870 in Amsterdam, this lager’s golden colour comes from the combination of two malts; light-coloured pilsner and a little bit of dark malt. The tasty and spicy hops make for a refreshing and mildly bitter lager.


Birra Moretti has been enjoyed in Italy since 1859 and is still brewed to the same recipe today. A special blend of high quality hops combined with delicate malt notes make for a full bodied and well balanced lager.



Macabeo, Bodegas Borsao – Spain

175ml Price :£4.20 / 250ml Price :£5.35 / Bottle Price :£14.50

Ripe, refreshing and fruity with nutty stone
fruit flavours and a dash of minerals.

Chenin Blanc, Paarl Heights – South Africa

175ml Price :£4.60 / 250ml Price :£5.95 / Bottle Price :£15.95

Dry & fruity with classic baked apple &
zippy citrus aromas. Soft & delicate
apple fruit on the palate well balanced
by crisp acidity.

Sauvignon Blanc, Sierra Grande – Chile

175ml Price :£4.95 / 250ml Price :£6.55 / Bottle Price :£17.50

Fresh and crisp, with ripe citrus fruit and
packed with lime zest and kiwi flavours.
Refreshing with racy acidity on the finish.

Pinot Grigio, Mirabello – Italy

175ml Price :£5.45 / 250ml Price :£7.35 / Bottle Price :£19.50

Gentle floral and citrus aromas. Fresh, crisp and delicate on the palate with lightly honeyed fruit balanced by lemony acidity.

Viognier, Baron de Badassière – France

175ml Price :£5.95 / 250ml Price :£8.15 / Bottle Price :£21.50

Subtle aromas of almond & honey on the
nose. Rounded on the palate, with guava
& apricot flavours, balanced by a refreshing acidity on the finish.

Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, Sileni Cellar Selection – New Zealand

175ml Price :£6.10 / 250ml Price :£8.35 / Bottle Price :£21.95

Tropical gooseberry & elderflower flavours with a refreshingly clean, zingy finish.

Picpoul de Pinet, Baron de Badassière – France

175ml Price :£6.10 / 250ml Price :£8.35 / Bottle Price :£21.95

Pale lemon in colour with crisp apple aromas complemented by a citrus edge. On the palate, it has a good balance of ripe, yellow plums & greengages & a fresh lime zest acidity that continues through
the finish.

Pinot Gris Marlborough, Kim Crawford – New Zealand

btl Price :£25.50

Pale straw in colour. Wonderfully lifted
orchard fruit notes of ripe pear & apple
with floral notes & hints of clove.
Well balanced with a touch of fruit
sweetness on the crisp finish.



Bodegas Borsao Rosé – Spain

175ml Price :£4.35 / 250ml Price :£5.55 / Bottle Price :£14.95

A well balanced & fruity rosé with aromas of strawberry jam & a hint of mid palate sweetness.

White Zinfandel Rosé, Another Story – USA

175ml Price :£4.95 / 250ml Price :£6.55 / Bottle Price :£17.50

A medium to sweet blush rosé with lots of wild strawberries on the nose, supported by a bright, berry fruited palate & juicy fruit finish.

Pinot Grigio, Ancora Rosé – Italy

175ml Price :£5.45 / 250ml Price :£7.35 / Bottle Price :£19.50

Pale, dry, fresh & fruity with delicate aromas of red berries & a palate of lush summer fruits.

Provence Rosé, La Vieille Tour – France

175ml Price :£6.45 / 250ml Price :£8.95 / Bottle Price :£23.50

A beautiful pale, dry rosé. Delicately perfumed with sweet strawberry fruit aromas. On the palate it offers soft & pleasantly dry fruit & an elegant, dry finish.



Garnacha, Bodegas Borsao – Spain 

175ml Price :£4.20 / 250ml Price :£5.35 / Bottle Price :£14.50

Very easy drinking with juicy bramble, cherry & redcurrant flavours. Smooth tannins with hints of liquorice & black pepper.

Shiraz, Paarl Heights – South Africa

175ml Price :£4.60 / 250ml Price :£5.95 / Bottle Price :£15.95

Fresh & vibrant, positively brimming with
autumn fruits. A bright palate with cranberry fruit, leading to a long, sensual finish.

Merlot, Andes Peaks – Chile

175ml Price :£5.10 / 250ml Price :£6.75 / Bottle Price :£17.95

Intense aromas of ripe plums and a hint
of mocha. The palate is smooth with well rounded tannins and balanced acidity.

Pinot Noir, Le Fou – France

175ml Price :£5.20 / 250ml Price :£6.95 / Bottle Price :£18.50

Rich & warm with aromas of cherry jam.
The palate is nicely balanced with an
exciting, savoury bitterness provided by
ripe, tasty tannins.

Côtes du Rhône, Les Terres du Roy – France

175ml Price :£5.60 / 250ml Price :£7.55 / Bottle Price :£19.95

Enticing nose that is ripe & concentrated
& full of black & red berry fruit. Supple &
rich, yet balanced with crisp acidity.

Rioja, Artesa, Organic – Spain

175ml Price :£5.70 / 250ml Price :£7.75 / Bottle Price :£20.50

Oaky, herbal notes combine with vibrant
plum & cherry aromas from the Tempranillo grapes in this organically
produced Rioja, to give a complex wine
with juicy brambly fruit, black pepper
& lifted, savoury characters.

Malbec, Nieto – Argentina

175ml Price :£5.85 / 250ml Price :£7.95 / Bottle Price :£20.95

Dark and powerful with a great concentration of berry fruit, plums and figs, together with a smoky vanilla character and hints of liquorice.

Chianti Classico, San Felice – Italy

Bottle  Price :£24.95

Fresh, bitter cherry flavours of the Sangiovese grape, together with ripe red fruits. Good depth with fine tannins & a long supple finish.



Cava, Mas Macia, Brut – Spain

200ml Bottle – Price :£20.50

A classic blend of traditional Cava grapes.
White fruit & citrus aromas lead to a complex palate with green apple, stone fruit & a touch of white spice. Delicate fine bubbles give way to a long finish & a gentle savoury twist.

Prosecco, Lunetta Spumante – Italy

200ml Bottle Price :£22.50

Refreshing & harmonious with aromas
of apple & peach. Crisp fruit flavours
& a clean finish.

Pinot Noir, Rosé Royale Montresor – Italy

200ml Bottle – Price :£23.95

Rich toasty aromas of bread mingled with flower blossom, ripe apples and cherries. Elegant and well balanced.



Joseph Perrier Cuvée Royale NV – France

Half Bottle Price :£22.95 / Bottle Price :£41.95

Stylish and elegant aromas of citrus fruit
peel, reinette apples and vineyard peaches, followed by hints of vanilla and cinnamon. Soft persistent bubbles.




Heineken 0.0 Lager

0.0% is a balanced thirst-quencher with refreshing fruity notes and a soft malty body in a classic North European style.



Rosé, Spanish (250ml)

Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Fermented and macerated. Pairs perfectly with traditional tapas, sausages and cured meats, as well as vegetable dishes and pasta.



Seedlip Garden 108 with tonic

A floral blend of hand-picked peas, hay, spearmint, rosemary and thyme. Best served with Indian tonic water. Why 108? It takes 108 days to grow peas.

Seedlip Spice 94 with tonic

A complex aromatic blend of Jamaican allspice berry & cardamom distillates with two barks and a bright citrus peel finish. Best served with Indian tonic water. Why 94? In 1494 Columbus encountered the allspice berries of what we now know as Jamaica.



Cawston Press Apple & Pear (Carton)

Lovely-tasting apple and pear varieties, pressed whole before adding a splosh of water.

Cawston Press Apple & Summer Berries (Carton)

Delicious varieties of apples added to raspberries and strawberries and pressed whole with a splish of water.




The real thing, created in 1886, in the classic bottle.

Karma Organic Cola

Made with Fairtrade organic cane sugar and real cola nut grown by the Mende and Temne people of Sierra Leone. Some of the proceeds from each bottle go to the growers’ families.



Soda Folk Root Beer

Made with a careful mix of extracts, organic vanilla, cane sugar and pure maple syrup.

Firefly Lemon, Lime & Ginger

A zingy blend of lemons and limes, brimming with ginger and dandelion.



Belvoir Elderflower Pressé (Light)

The taste of summer: an exquisite blend of freshly-picked elderflowers, fresh lemon juice and spring water.

Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade (Light)

Lots of freshly-pressed raspberry juice, blended with squeezed lemon juice and lightly sparkling spring water.

Cawston Press Apple

Made from the best-tasting apple varieties such as Cox’s Orange Pippin and Bramley, blended with natural ingredients and simply given some sparkle.

Cawston Press Rhubarb & Apple

The best-tasting apple varieties blended with pressed rhubarb.

Folkington’s Lemon & Mint Pressé

Made with pure Sicilian lemon juice and the essential oils of English-grown mint.

Rio Tropical (and Tropical Light – 17 calories)

A blend of orange, guava, apricot, mango and passionfruit juice in lightly sparkling spring water.

San Pellegrino Limonata

Created in 1959, this all-natural drink is made from a traditional recipe – sparkling water, freshly squeezed sun-ripened Italian lemons and sugar.

Karma Gingerella Ginger Ale

Taste the justice. The clean, crisp and fiery kick comes from a unique blend of Sri Lankan Fairtrade organic ginger, lemons, sugar and spice – and it’s a fair deal for the people who grow them.



Big Tom Spicy Tomato Juice

Fine Portuguese tomato juice delicately blended with herbs and spices. A tomato is actually a fruit but we don’t put it in our fruit salad.

Folkington’s Cloudy Apple

Blended juice from two British-grown apple
varieties: Russet and Jonagored.

Frobishers Cranberry

100% pure, from autumn-harvested North American cranberries.

Pago Orange

The aroma of fully sun-ripened oranges, the texture of the pulp and the slight bitterness of the juice… delicious.



Fentimans Traditional Ginger Beer

Made with the finest natural ginger root. Fiery and full of flavour. The classic ‘lashings of ginger beer’ bottle.



Fever-Tree Elderflower

Oils from handpicked English elderflowers blended with quinine from the fever trees of the Congo. Enjoy with gin or vodka or as a long drink on its own.

Fever-Tree Aromatic

The gentle bitterness of angostura bark blended with aromatic botanicals such as cardamom, pimento berry and ginger. Enhances juniperrich and robust gin. Or try it as a sophisticated drink on its own.

Fever-Tree Indian (and Light)

Botanical oils blended with spring water and quinine from the fever-trees of the Eastern Congo. Makes the best gins or vodkas even better.



Coastal Spring Still and Sparkling



Espresso Price :£2.05

Macchiato Price :£2.05

Americano Price :£2.55 / Price :£2.35

Cappuccino Price :£2.95 / Price :£2.65

Latte  Price :£2.95 / Price :£2.65

Flat White  Price :£2.65

Mocha  Price :£3.05 / Price :£2.85



Traditional English Breakfast Price :£2.50 / Price :£4.50

Decaf English Breakfast Price :£2.50 / Price :£4.50

Classic Earl Grey Price :£2.50 / Price :£4.50

Darjeeling Price :£2.50 / Price :£4.50

Jade Tips Green Tea Price :£2.50 / Price :£4.50

Red Berry & Hibiscus Price :£2.50 / Price :£4.50

Lemongrass & Ginger Price :£2.50 / Price :£4.50

Triple Mint Price :£2.50 / Price :£4.50

Chamomile Price :£2.50 / Price :£4.50



Dark Hot Chocolate

Regular Price :£3.05 Small Price :£2.85

White Hot Chocolate

Regular Price :£3.05 Small Price :£2.85


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Empress of Blandings Hours

Monday   11am–11pm
Tuesday   11am–11pm
Wednesday   11am–11pm
Thursday   11am–11pm
Friday   11am–11pm
Saturday   11am–11pm
Sunday   12–10:30pm


Empress of Blandings Coupans



About Empress of Blandings

The perfect New Forest country pub
Named after the Earl of Emsworth’s prize winning Berkshire pig, the Empress of Blandings, with over 350 pictures and paintings of pigs adorning its walls, sits on the edge of the New Forest, close to the M27.

The pub is the only building that is a member of the PG Wodehouse society and the Inn-sign is the only Hall & Woodhouse pub sign where the company name is spelt ‘Wodehouse’.

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