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Cocochan store hours

Phone: +44 20 7486 1000


Head Office address: 38-40 James St, Marylebone, London W1U 1EU, UK

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Cocochan Main Menu With Price


Vietnamese Garden Rolls (GF) (DS) (VG) Price:£5

Lightly fried to crispy perfection filled with
shredded veg and glass noodles w/ sweet chilli

King Prawn Rolls (GF) (DS) Price:£7

Juicy prawns and coriander wrapped in rice
paper, rolled in sesame and fried till crispy w/
secret house sauce

Moromi-Miso Broccoli (GF) (VG) Price:£6

Delicately steamed Chinese broccoli with an
addictive moromi-miso dressing

Chicken Croquettes Price:£6

Succulent chicken and fragrant coriander
encased in irresistibly flaky pastry – totally

Shroom Dumplings (DS) (VG) Price:£6

A secret blend of umami rich shitake
mushroom, crunchy water chestnuts,
coriander and a secret ingredient

Chicken Gyoza (DS) Price:£6

Fragrant minced chicken and fresh ginger
w/ tangy Chinese vinegar

Seafood Gyoza (DS) Price:£6.5

Delicate, decadent and totally moreish
squid & sea bass w/ ponzu sauce

Prawn & Chive Dumplings (DS) Price:£6.5

Packed full of perfectly seasoned prawns
with a hint of fresh chive

Shichimi Chilli Squid Price:£9

Soft and crispy squid dusted in shichimi
salt w/ sweet chilli

Tempura Tiger Prawns Price:£11

Light and crispy tiger prawns dusted in
chillisalt w/ secret house sauce

Yellow Fin Tuna Tataki Price:£14

Lightly seared on our robata grill and
doused in a citrus soy dressing

Free Range Beef Tataki Price:£12

Lightly seared grass fed beef doused in
a citrus soy dressing

Open Brisket Spring Rolls Price:£7

Teryaki free range beef brisket cooked low
and slow on crispy spring roll wrappers topped
with our secret house sauce, ying yang sesame
seeds, spring onion, coriander and chilli

Robata Teryaki Chicken Skewers Price:£9

Sticky chicken thigh grilled to perfection on
our robata grill

Signature Grilled Octopus Price:£11

Ridiculously tender, grilled green tea and soy
marinated octopus w/ Japanese seaweed salad

Nasu Dengaku Miso Aubergine (GF) Price:£8

Silky, melting flesh aubergine coated generously
in an intense den miso sauce, served with tangy
pickled ginger

Robata Grilled Tofu (GF) Price:£6.5

Grilled tofu rolled in toasted ying yang sesame
seeds w/ a sticky sweet and savoury dressing

Vietnamese Garden Rolls (GF) Price:£5

Lightly fried to crispy perfection filled with shredded
veg and glass noodles w/ sweet chilli

Shroom Dumplings Price:£6

A secret blend of umami rich shitake mushroom,
crunchy water chestnuts, coriander and a secret

Enoki Fritters Price:£5.5

Uniquely crispy umami rich enoki mushroom
fans w/ ponzu dipping sauce

Garden Tempura Price:£8

A lightly fried medley of veg w/ shichimi
ponzo sauce

Seaweed Salad Price:£5

Crunchy Japanese seaweed salad with a satisfying
wafu dressing

Moromi Miso Broccoli (GF) Price:£6

Delicately steamed Chinese broccoli with an
addictive moromi miso dressing



Tiger Prawn & Crab Pad Thai (GF) Price:£18

Succulent grilled tiger prawns, tender
fresh water crab, crispy tofu, crunchy
beansprouts, Chinese chives & egg fried
rice noodles cooked in a classic sweet,
sour and salty sauce

Miren & Chilli Chargrilled Chicken (GF) Price:£16

Overnight marinated free-range chicken
basted in a sticky umami rich miso and miren
glaze w/ mango salsa

Duck & Watermelon Salad Bowl Price:£13

Overnight marinated soft and crispy duck,
juicy watermelon and cashew nuts with a
warm plum sauce dressing

Salmon & Tuna Poke Bowl Price:£15

A glorious medley of tuna, salmon, beets,
crisp sweet potato, creamy avocado,
edamame, cucumber & sushi rice w/orange
tobiko dressing

Fish Red Thai Curry Bowl (GF) Price:£15

Our famous red fish curry of fall apart tilapia
and garden vegatables, served in a fragrant
and unctuous coconut sauce

Chicken Thai Green Curry Bowl (GF) Price:£14

Our utterly delicious twist on the classic
green curry. Spicy, rich and fragrant

Kimchee Lamb Price:£18

Overnight marinated free-range lamb cutlets
w/ house made spicy cabbage kimchee

Ready to pull Crispy Duck Leg Price:£16

A crowd pleasing overnight marinated
aromatic roasted duck leg, pancakes, fresh
spring onion & cucumber w/ sticky
plum sauce

Wok Peppered Beef Price:£20

Tender wok fried grass-fed beef sirloin and
crunchy asparagus spears served in a punchy
black pepper sauce

Wasabi grilled Rib Eye (GF) Price:£25

Umami rich trio of grilled beef, shitaki
mushrooms and shallots w/ wasabi green
goddess sauce

Signature Black Cod (GF) Price:£29

AKA butterfish! Named for its silky and
buttery texture marinated in a rich den
miso sauce w/ pickled beets & turnips

Crispy Tofu Pad Thai (GF) Price:£14

Crispy fried tofu, crunchy beansprouts, Chinese
chives & egg fried noodles cooked in sweet sour
and salty sauce

Garden Green Curry (GF) Price:£14

Our utterly delicious twist on the classic green
curry with a selection of veg in a rich and creamy
coconut sauce

Crispy Tofu Red Curry (GF) Price:£14

A vegan version of our famous red curry with
crispy tofu and garden veg. Served in a fragrant
and unctuous coconut sauce



Hand Rolled, Long Plates Dragon Ebi Price:£16

Crunchy tempura prawn, creamy
avocado, spinach, tobiko w/ salmon
caviar & yuzu mayo

Kyuri Tokyo Roll Price:£16

Tuna, creamy avocado, tobiko, spinach,
crunchy tempura prawn w/ salmon caviar

Riverside Roll Price:£10

Succulent salmon and creamy avocado

Spider Roll Price:£12

Crunchy tempura crab, avocado, shiso
leaf & tobiko

California Dreaming Price:£12

Juicy prawns, cucumber, avocado & tobiko

Garden Roll (VG) Price:£9

Avocado, rocket, mango, cucumber
& crisped sweet potato



Edamame (GF) (VG) Price:£4

The perfect snack. Choose either plain
steamed or how we like it w/ chilli and garlic

Tom Yum Goong (GF) Price:£6

The classic spicy thai soup of prawns and
mushrooms with fragrant galangal and
fresh lime

Miso Soup (GF) (VG) Price:£5

Our version of this Japanese staple! A hearty
broth of miso, enoki mushrooms, silken tofu
& edamame

Egg Fried Rice (V) Price:£4.5

Jasmine rice lightly fried with a freerange egg

Jasmine Rice (GF) (VG) Price:£3.5

Fluffy and fragrant

Egg Garden Noodles (V) Price:£7

Egg fried noodles and julienne mixed vegetables



Tokyo Tower Price:£55

Tempura Tiger Prawns, Robata Teryaki
Chicken Skewers, Spider Roll, Japanese
Seaweed Salad, Kyuri Tokyo Roll,
Riverside Roll

Garden Tower (VG) Price:£45

Garden Tempura, Shroom Dumplings,
Robata Grilled Tofu, Japanese Seaweed
Salad, Miromi Miso Broccoli, Enoki Fritter

Mayfair Tower Price:£85

Signature Black Cod, Wasabi grilled
Rib-eye, Crispy Duck and Watermelon
Salad, Yellow Fin Tuna Tataki, Free Range
Beef Tataki, King Prawn Roll


Cocochan Drinks Menu


Finlandia Price:£8.5

Grey Goose Price:£11

Beluga Price:£12

Ketel One Price:£9

Zubrowka Price:£9

Belvedere Price:£11



Bombay Sapphire Price:£8

Gin Mare Price:£9

Plymouth Price:£9

Sipsmith Price:£9

Star Of Bombay Price:£10

Hendrick’s Price:£10

No.3 Price:£11

Tanqueray No. 10 Price:£11

Monkey 47 Price:£12



Bacardi Carta Blanca Price:£8

Bacardi Oro Price:£8

Zacapa 23 years Price:£12

Wray & Nephew Price:£8

Diplomatico Reserva Price:£10

Clement Agricol Price:£9

Sagatiba Pura Price:£8

Kraken Spiced Rum Price:£8



Jose Cuervo Especial Blanco Price:£7.5

Jose Cuervo Traditional Price:£9

Tapatio Blanco Price:£10

Patron XO Price:£10

Patron Silver Price:£11



Martell VS Price:£7.5

Remy Martin VSOP Price:£10

Hennessy Very Fine Price:£10

Hennessy XO Price:£24

Calvados VSOP Price:£8

Grappa di Barolo Price:£8

Pisco Kappa (Chile) Price:£10



Pimms No. Price:£1.5

Pernod Price:£6.5

Ricard Price:£6.5

La Fee Absinthe Price:£11

Martini Rosato Price:£5

Campari Price:£5.5

Antica Formula Price:£6

Lillet Blanc Price:£5.5

Averna Price:£5.5



Asahi, Japan (Draught) Pint – Price:£5

Rock’n’Roll hand crafted Pale Ale 33 cl – Price:£7.5

Isaac hand crafted Lager 33 cl – Price:£7.5



Water—Still or Sparkling Price:£4.5

Fresh Homemade Juice Price:£5

Soft Drinks Price:£4



Oolong Price:£4.5 

Partially oxidised tea with less caffeine. Sweet
flora-fruit flavour

Organic Earl Grey Price:£3

Made of rich organically grown black leaves
& golden buds with a twist of citrusy
organic bergamot

Organic Green Dragon Price:£6

Delicately dried green tea leaves – brew a nutty
& buttery cup

Organic Spring Jasmine Price:£5.50

Smooth China green tea leaves scented by layers
of Arabian jasmine buds

Chamomile Citrus Price:£5

Refreshing infusion made with Egyptian chamomile
flowers & subtle slices of citrus fruit

Fresh Infusion Price:£3

Hot water, fresh mint / ginger

Matcha Green Tea Price:£5.5 

Hotta Katsutaro Shoten organic grated green tea


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Cocochan Hours

Monday   12–11pm
Tuesday   12–11pm
Wednesday   12–11pm
Thursday   12–11pm
Friday   12–11pm
Saturday   12–11pm
Sunday   12–10:30pm


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About Cocochan

Located on James street, St Christopher’s Place, Cocochan serves modern Asian cuisine and innovative cocktails, drawn from the Far East and South East Asia with a Japanese bar devoted to sushi and sake.

The restaurant has been awarded an AA Rosette for culinary excellence, and continues to hold Cocochan is open daily from Noon to 11.00pm.Pan-Asian restaurant and cocktail lounge bar with slick contemporary decor and lattice screens.

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