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The Pump Room Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

The Pump Room Restaurant Main Menu With Price BAKERY Croissant, strawberry jam Price :£3.25 Traditional Bath Bun, Price :£3.75 cinnamon butter Mature Cheddar cheese Price :£3.95 and chive scones, butter Buttermilk fruit scones, Price :£3.50 butter, strawberry jam Hot buttered crumpets, Price :£3.25 local honey CAKE SELECTION Price :£4.50 Choice of: poppy seed andlemon drizzle,

Palomar Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Palomar Restaurant Main Menu With Price RIP & DIP Kubaneh Price :£6.4 Bread, tomato, tahini Burnt Courgette Tzatziki Price :£4.3 Mint, garlic, sumac Baba Ganoush Price :£4.3 Coriander, pomegranate seeds M’sabacha Price :£4.3 Chickpeas, tahini, zhug Handmade Pittas Price :£2.2 Josperized with love The Spicy Experience Price :£4.5 Chilli, harissa, shifkeh Labneh Price :£4.3 Tomato,

Core Menu, Prices and Locations

Core Main Menu With Price CORE CLASSICS Isle of Mull scallop tartare Price :£105 sea vegetable consommé ‘Potato and roe’ Price :£105 dulse beurre blanc, herring and trout roe Roasted monkfish Price :£105 Morecambe bay shrimps, Swiss chard, brown butter ‘Lamb carrot’ Price :£105 braised lamb, sheep’s milk yoghurt Duck and red grapes Price :£105

Spanish Tapas Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Spanish Tapas Restaurant Main Menu With Price OUR FAMOUS TAPAS MENU WHITEBAIT Price :£7.50 TORTILLA ESPANOLA Price :£7.50 Spanish Omelette SPANISH SALAMI (COLD) Price :£7.90 Spicy Chorizo SERRANO HAM ( COLD) Price :£7.90 SCAMPI Price :£7.90 With Garlic Mayonnaise or Tartar Sauce ROCKET SALAD WITH FETA CHEESE Price :£8.50 RICE WITH SEAFOOD Price :£9.90 RICE

The Ledbury Menu, Prices and Locations

The Ledbury Main Menu With Price LUNCH Datterini Tomatoes, Lobster, Sorbet and Seaweed Price :£80.00 2017 Chinon, Bernard Baudry, Loire, France Cornish Cod, Toasted Grains and Parsley Price :£80.00 2016 Timorasso, Derthona, Walter Massa, Piedmont, Italy Red Ruby Beef, Short Rib, Price :£80.00 Smoked Bone Marrow, Pickled Vegetables and Dill2012 Touriga Nacional, Julia Kemper, Dão,

Mosob Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Mosob Restaurant Main Menu With Price SALADS Habesha Salad Price :£4.95 Diced green chillies, onions and tomatoes. House Salad Price :£4.75 Lettuce, tomatoes and green chillies.   SIDES MENU Sinig Price :£2.75 Fresh chillies stufed with onions and tomatoes. Pitta bread Price :£1.95 Plain basmati rice Price :£3.75   VEGETARIAN Hamli Price :£11.95 Freshly prepared

Kokeb Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Kokeb Restaurant Main Menu With Price APPETISER Lentil soup Price :£3.00 Flavoured garlic and coriander Vegetable soup, Yeatikelt shorba Price :£3.00 Mixed vegetable cooked with onions, garlic and special herbs. Chicken soup, Yedoro shorba Price :£3.00 Chicken cooked with tomato sauce   SALADS Classic salad Price :£3.00 Mixed salad, fresh tomatoes, cucumber lettuce and onions

Wolkite Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Wolkite Restaurant Main Menu With Price VEGETARIAN TEGABINO Price :£8.50 Finley ground roasted chickpeas, simmered in a combination of spice. Served with injera. GOMEN KITFO Price :£7.50 Spiced, finely chopped spring green leaves. ZIMAMUJAT Price :£7.50 Homemade cheese mixed with gomen kitfo. RUZ BE ATKILT Price :£8.00 Rice with a combination curried, tender vegetables with

Pied A Terre Menu, Prices and Locations

Pied A Terre Main Menu With Price STARTER Smoked Quail/ Celeriac Price :£65.00  Winter Truffles/ Piedmont Hazelnuts/ Confit Egg Yolk Sea Bream Ceviche/ Nage Price :£65.00  Lime/ Basil/ Smoked Almonds/ Parsley/ Bottarga Salad of Summer Leaves Price :£65.00  Courgette Flower/ Bleu des Causses/ Jambon de Bayonne/ Parsley Gremolata Seared Cuttlefish Price :£65.00  Spinach/ Coeur de

The Mash Inn Menu, Prices and Locations

The Mash Inn Main Menu With Price LUNCH MENU Chilled Wild Garlic Soup & Flatbread Price :£25 Fallow & Celeriac Hotpot with Sprouting Broccoli Price :£25 Poached Yorkshire Rhubarb & Chilled Rice Pudding Price :£25   SUNDAY LUNCH Smoked Romanesco Soup Price :£45 A Choice of: Rib of Beef & Horseradish Cream Price :£7.50  Pork