Category: Diner

Quite Simply Menu, Prices and Locations

Quite Simply Main Menu With Price APPETISERS MARINATED OLIVES Price :£4 Mixed peppers + basil OIL DIP Price :£5 Lancashire cold pressed rapeseed oil, balsamic reduction and Parmesan UNSHELLED SMOKED PRAWNS Price :£6 Sautéed in olive oil, garlic + onion SAUSAGES, CHORIZO, BACON Price :£6 Pan-fried, in garlic, parsley + onion.   STARTERS SNAILS Price

El Asador Menu, Prices and Locations

El Asador Main Menu With Price TAPAS TO SHARE Pulpo a Feira Price :£14.8 Boiled Galician octopus, with sweet or hot paprika Empanada Gallega Price :£12.5 Puff Pastry stuffed with Tuna cooked with Marinera Sauce Caldeirada de Raya Price :£7 Skate Wing, Egg, Potatoes, Grelos and Seaweed Fish Stew Tortilla Gallega Price :£7.5 Traditional Galician

Amrutha Lounge Menu, Prices and Locations

Amrutha Lounge Main Menu With Price LUNCH & DINNER BEET GAZPACHO Price :£5 Spicy, sweet & creamy beetroot and coconut soup (cold) with peanut and parsley KALE SALAD Price :£5 Massaged Kale, creamy orange dressing, dried apricots, dates and sun flower seeds BUDDHA BOX Price :£12 chickpea, lentil and coconut curry, brown rice, sesame-slaw, crispy

Core Menu, Prices and Locations

Core Main Menu With Price CORE CLASSICS Isle of Mull scallop tartare Price :£105 sea vegetable consommé ‘Potato and roe’ Price :£105 dulse beurre blanc, herring and trout roe Roasted monkfish Price :£105 Morecambe bay shrimps, Swiss chard, brown butter ‘Lamb carrot’ Price :£105 braised lamb, sheep’s milk yoghurt Duck and red grapes Price :£105

Spanish Tapas Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Spanish Tapas Restaurant Main Menu With Price OUR FAMOUS TAPAS MENU WHITEBAIT Price :£7.50 TORTILLA ESPANOLA Price :£7.50 Spanish Omelette SPANISH SALAMI (COLD) Price :£7.90 Spicy Chorizo SERRANO HAM ( COLD) Price :£7.90 SCAMPI Price :£7.90 With Garlic Mayonnaise or Tartar Sauce ROCKET SALAD WITH FETA CHEESE Price :£8.50 RICE WITH SEAFOOD Price :£9.90 RICE

Mosob Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Mosob Restaurant Main Menu With Price SALADS Habesha Salad Price :£4.95 Diced green chillies, onions and tomatoes. House Salad Price :£4.75 Lettuce, tomatoes and green chillies.   SIDES MENU Sinig Price :£2.75 Fresh chillies stufed with onions and tomatoes. Pitta bread Price :£1.95 Plain basmati rice Price :£3.75   VEGETARIAN Hamli Price :£11.95 Freshly prepared

Zeret Kitchen Menu, Prices and Locations

Zeret Kitchen Main Menu With Price STARTER MENU Kategna Price :£4.99 Freshly baked bread topped with a spicy homemade sauce Ye-timatim salata Price :£4.25 Basil sour cream, horseradish oil, marinated radish, kale chips & warm red onion jam. Mixed salad Price :£4.99 Salad made with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, and olive oil Azefa Price

Kokeb Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Kokeb Restaurant Main Menu With Price APPETISER Lentil soup Price :£3.00 Flavoured garlic and coriander Vegetable soup, Yeatikelt shorba Price :£3.00 Mixed vegetable cooked with onions, garlic and special herbs. Chicken soup, Yedoro shorba Price :£3.00 Chicken cooked with tomato sauce   SALADS Classic salad Price :£3.00 Mixed salad, fresh tomatoes, cucumber lettuce and onions

St John Menu, Prices and Locations

St John Main Menu With Price BREAKFAST Toast, Butter, Honey and Preserves Price :£4.50Bircher Muesli and Strawberries Price :£6.20St. JOHN Granola, Nectarine and Yoghurt Price :£5.60Grapefruit, Orange or Apple Juice Price :£3.50Bacon Sandwich Price :£6.90Scotch Woodcock Price :£8.90Devilled Kidneys on Toast Price :£9.60Blood Cake, Fried Egg and Brown Sauce Price :£9.90Kipper and Sourdough Toast Price

Fischer’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Fischer’s Main Menu With Price Viennoiserie Croissant au Beurre Price :£4.00 Pain au Chocolat Price :£4.50 butter and homemade jams Price :£1.75   Cereals and Fruit Müsli Price :£4.50 Birchermüsli Price :£4.75 Granola Price :£4.75 Pink Grapefruit Price :£3.75 Yoghurt: Natural, Goat or Low Fat Price :£3.25 with seasonal compote Price :£5.25with granola and banana