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Archipelago Menu, Prices and Locations

Archipelago Main Menu With Price STARTERS MENU Pacific Volcanoes (v) Price:£9.00 avocado & coconut-milk potage with chilli & olive stuffed cassava puff balls Cayman Islands Price:£13.00 Crocodile wrapped in vine leaves, honey poached plums and pickled samphire Sumer Nights Price:£10.00 Pan fried chermoula crickets, quinoa, spinach and dried fruit Serengeti Strut Price:£12.50 Crispy zebra “jerky”,

The Star In The City Drinks Menu, Prices and Locations

The Star In The City Drinks Main Menu With Price COCKTAILS MENU Life’s a Peach Price:£7 Absolut Vodka,Aperol,Crème de Pêche,Egg White,Lime,Peychaud’s Bitters No Way, Rosé Price:£7.50 Amalfy Rosa Gin,Belsazar Rosé Vermouth,Fruits de la Passion,Lemon Bobby’s Margerita Price:£8.50 Olmeca Reposado Tequila,Aperol,Agave Syrup,Lime B.R.B. Price:£9 Hennessy Cognac,The Real McCoy 5 Year Rum,Benedictine D.O.M.,Peychaud’s Bitters Blood Orange Mai

Dum Biryani House Menu, Prices and Locations

Dum Biryani House Main Menu With Price SNACKS MENU MASALA PAPADS Price:£4 papad, mint chutney, spices, salad DAHI KEBAB Price:£5.75 fried yoghurt patties, Andhra tomato chutney GOBI MANCHURIAN Price:£6.75 crispy cauliflower topped with a soy and green chilli sauce MASALA PANEER PAV Price:£8.5 spiced paneer, toasted bun KALA CHANNA FRY Price:£6.25 black chickpea curry, paratha

Casa Cruz Menu, Prices and Locations

Casa Cruz Main Menu With Price PARA PICAR MENU olives Price:£4 spiced nuts Price:£4 half dozen quail eggs Price:£12 spiced salt Price:£6 pimientos de padrón Price:£6 raw baby vegetables Price:£12 crème fraîche Price:£12 boquerones Price:£6 jamón ibérico Price:£24   PASTAS MENU orecchiette ! lemon Price:£18 cream ! parsley ! parmesan paccheri ! cacio Price:£18 pepe

Cow & Pig Bromley Menu, Prices and Locations

Cow & Pig Bromley Main Menu With Price STARTERS MENU Honey Glazed Sausages Price:£5.95 American Mustard Deep Fried Calamari Price:£5.95 Garlic & Saffron Mayonnaise BBQ Glazed Sticky Pork Ribs Price:£5.95 Firecracker Ghost Chilli Chicken Wings with Coriander & Citrus Yoghurt Chicken Liver Parfait with Onion Marmalade & Brioche Garlic & Chilli Prawns Price:£5.95 Soup of

China Diner Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

China Diner Restaurant Main Menu With Price APPETISERS MENU Prawn Crackers Price:£2.00 Crispy Seaweed Price:£5.40 Topped with grated scallops or cashew nuts V Vegetarian Spring Rolls (4) V Price:£5.40 Crispy Won Ton Puffs Price:£5.40 contains prawns Deep Fried Bean Curd in Salt & Chilli V Price:£6.70 Sesame Prawn Toasts Price:£6.70 Rice Paper Wrapped Prawns Price:£6.90

Tontine Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Tontine Restaurant Main Menu With Price STARTER MENU King Scallops Price:£12.95 Homemade Black Pudding & Parsley Root Pressed Pork Price:£9.95 Langoustine & Cauliflower Smoked Eel Price:£6.95 Sea Lettuce, Lindisfarne OysterCucumber Parsley Root Price:£6.95 Lovage Emulsion, Celeriac & Hazelnut (V) Crispy Sweetbreads Price:£10.95 Ewes Curd, Charred Leek & Pancetta Taste of Seafood Price:£12.95 Crab, Langoustine, Smoked