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Sotto Sotto Menu, Prices and Locations

Sotto Sotto Main Menu With Price Food Menu TO START Fegatini alla veneziana. Fresh chicken liver with our homemade Tuscan bread. Price: £7,25 Bruschetta ai gamberoni. Marinated king prawns tossed with an infusion of mediterranean flavours and fresh chilli on rustic Tuscan bread. Price: £8,50 Portobello alla griglia con caprino. Grilled portobello mushroom topped with

The Ivy Manchester A La Carte Menu, Prices and Locations

The Ivy Manchester A La Carte Menu All Day Menu Salt-crusted sourdough bread With salted butter 3.95 Truffle arancini Fried Arborio rice balls with truffle cheese 5.50 Zucchini fritti Crispy courgette fries with lemon, chilli and mint yoghurt 5.75 Spiced green olives Gordal olives with chilli, coriander and lemon 3.50 Salted smoked almonds Hickory smoked

The Ivy Manchester Breakfast Menu, Prices and Locations

The Ivy Manchester Breakfast Main Menu With Price JUICES MENU Choice of fresh juices 3.95 orange / apple / grapefruit / cranberry Green juice Avocado, mint, celery, spinach, apple, parsley 4.00 Beet it Beetroot, apple, lemon & ginger 4.50 Mixed Berry Smoothie 4.75 Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, coconut milk and lime Strawberry & Vanilla Soda 5.95

Cafe Murano Coventgarden Menu, Prices and Locations

Cafe Murano Coventgarden Main Menu with Price A la Carte & Menu Aperitivos Pane|Salume|CicchettiFocaccia, Planeta olive oil 3.5Tomato & mozzarella arancini 4.5Culatello di Zibello & carta di musica 6.5Bruschetta, tomato & smoked anchovy, gremolata 6Salt cod fritters, parmesan & lemon 7 AntipastiBeef carpaccio, crispy artichokes & pecorino 10.5Burrata, romano pepper & basil 11Citrus cured trout,

The Ivy Manchester Drinks Menu, Prices and Locations

The Ivy Manchester Drinks Main Menu With Price COCKTAILS MENU COCKTAILS 1917 Royale 8.25 Hibiscus gin, sloe infusion, rose water & The Ivy Champagne Holyrood Spritz 7.00 Earl Grey gin, lemon & orange oleo-saccharum, Cocchi Americano, Prosecco, soda Raspberry Mojito 8.50 Havana Club rum, lime, sugar, fresh mint & Chambord black raspberry liqueur Cosmopolitan 6.75

Aviary London Menu, Prices and Locations

Aviary London Main Menu With Price BREAKFAST MENU Our selection of juices and smoothies are provided by PRESS Londonall 6.5 Original Green (J) Apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, lemonClean Beet (J) Apple, Beetroot, Ginger, LemonFiery Apple (J) Apple, Ginger, LemonStrawberry Zest (S) Apple, strawberry puree, lemon, mint TEAS AND COFFEES UNION REVELATION COFFEE

Cafe Murano Coventgarden Drink Menu, Prices and Locations

Cafe Murano Coventgarden Drink Main Menu Bar Menu Cafe Murano Tavistock Street Pane, Salumi & Cichetti 2Cocktails 3 5Wine by the glass 6-7Beers 8Vermouth 9Bitters & Amaro 10Gin, Vodka, Rum 11Malt & Blended Whisky 12American Whiskey, Brandy, Grappa, Tequila 13Liqueurs 14Soft Drinks 15Analcolico 16 Pane, Salumi & Cichetti Focaccia, Planeta olive oil 3.5Mushroom arancini 4.5Bruschetta,